In the light of the Flame (Eberron Solo)

The Second Writing

998 YK, Olarune, Wir the 18th. Mid-morning.

Sharn, Upper City, Tavick’s landing. The High Watch, temple of the Silver Flame.

Today is Bright Soul’s Day, and I celebrated this morning with several of my Order. I thanked the Flame for the sacrifice of my Father and Mother, though I doubt either knew of the Silver Flame, and for the sacrifice of Tira Miron.

Friar Madel, my good friend, is absent on account of his duties in Thrane and will not return prior to early Therendor. I have no duties in the temple today, though I am to meet with a representative of House Jorasco this afternoon. If all goes well, the coming weeks I will be joining an expedition to Xen’drik as a guard. I will know the details after the meeting.

This is all the work of Priest Landi, whom I feel resents that a Shifter has been added to his ranks. While I am by no means a Lycanthrope, my heritage does put me near that category of creature in the opinion of many. It is a burden I must carry, unfortunately, but I shall not let it weigh me down. I shall prove that I am honorable in the midst of the Flame, and perform my duties as ordered.



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